Self-Priming JET Pumps PTB

Self-Priming JET Pumps PTB


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Self-Priming JET Pumps PTB

Performance Range

Max. Flow: 4m3/h
Max. Head: 46m

Application Limits

◎ Max. liquid temperature 40° C
◎ Max. ambienttemperature 40° C
◎ Max. running pressure6bar
◎ Voltage fluctuations should not±10%of rate value.
◎ PH 6.5 to 8.5


Application Fields

◎ Domestic water supply
◎ Landscaping irrigation
◎ Deepwell water pumping

Basic Configuration

◎ Connector:PP+GF30
◎ Intake:rust preventioniron casting
◎ Pump casing: Aluminum and anti-rust electrophoretic treating
◎ chamber:304
◎ Impeller: PPO
◎ Shaft:45#+304
◎ Mechanical seal ceramics/ graphite/NBR
◎ Motor: F class asynchronous motor: copper wire ,builtin thermal protector ,fully enclosed shell, Continuous service S1
◎ Enclosure class: IPX4
◎ Insulation grade: F


(*Standard configuration on Page 74)
◎ NSK ball bearing
◎ Water-proof switch
◎ Insulation grade: Class F/B

Optional Available On Request

(* Standard configuration on Page 65)
◎ NSK bearing
◎ Motor whose insulation class is F
◎ Other voltage or frequency is 60Hz

Performance Curve

Note:The length of cable is 1.3m,Europe plug.

Components & Materials

Dimensions & Weight

Packing Size & Weight

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